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Magic Bath Bars

Magic Bath Bars

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Mili Bees soaps are hand poured in small batches from all natural ingredients. 

Made with pure Mili Bees honey, goats' milk and the perfect balance of skin nourishing oils and fragrance these soaps will give you a beautiful lather, a luxurious clean and soft, silky skin.

This collection brings together in harmony; quality ingredients with perfect, soft fragrances to ignite the magic in your life.

Magical Bars available in the following Potions.

- Truth Serum: Magnolia Leaf + Tonka Scented

- Liquid Luck: Honey + Lemon Scented

- Elixir of Life: Vanilla Scented

- Love Potion: Black Raspberry + Vanilla Scented

- Transformation Potion: Peppermint Scented

- Peace Potion - Lavender Scented


Magical House Bath Bars.

- Gryffindor: Sweet Orange Scent

- Slytherin: Rainstorm Scent

- Hufflepuff: Honey + Lemon Scented

- Ravenclaw: Coconut + Tonka Bean Scented


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At Mili Bees we believe that gift giving is a love language. Creating moments of togetherness even when distance and time may not allow.

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