About Us

Who we are;

Mili Bees is a small family owned and operated business in Sydney.  Self taught beekeepers who are committed to ensuring that anything that comes out of our hives is used with integrity and nothing is wasted.

We create handmade products; gifts and candles, as well as honey and honeycomb.  We offer customized gifts and our attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile will ensure your experience shopping with us is nothing short of perfect. 

We spent a long time considering to extend our range to candles. A highly saturated and competitive market left us wondering whether there was space for what we wanted to offer. After month and months of research and development we launched our candles, a sustainable and conscious fragranced jar candle - a unique option on the candle market. Since the release of this line we have evolved considerably, we now offer 10 bespoke fragrances and unique refills that don't require additional shipping or effort for the consumer. Our goal is to create a truly sustainable, luxury candle that is good for your home, those who live in it and our planet.

 Lexie Miliatis of Mili Bees stands proudly with her daughter, both are wearing full beesuits, hugging and smiling for the camera

What we do;

Mili Bees tries to operate as environmentally friendly as possible and consider our carbon and environmental footprint in all our business decisions.  Some of the things we do to make a difference include that we primarily use Sendle for our deliveries who operate carbon neutral, we try to avoid plastics where possible (Sometimes it's simply unavoidable due to food standards) and we have recently installed solar at our home, so that when we are busy making products, they are powered by the sun. We aim to support the growth of urban bee populations through swarm collection and re-hiving, creation of new hives and responsible maintenance of hives through our hosting program. We believe that growing urban agriculture through bees is of paramount importance for our planet and for the great good of our community.

Our Products;

Our products are proudly made with only bare, basic, natural ingredients.  We do not add any additives or preservatives to our candles or lip balms and our honey is raw and unpasteurized.


golden yellow beeswax candles stand in a row 

Our Honey;

We produce approximately one ton of honey and about 50kg of honey comb a year.  Everything is processed by hand.  We process all our honey and honey products strictly according to Australian Food Standards.  We are primarily a wholesale honey supplier; we have partnered with several organizations and farmers markets where you might be able to find our honey.  We do offer some limited retail sale through our website and alongside our candles at our market stalls, though our priority is wholesale and retail supply will often be limited.

Honey bee perches on a white clover flower, her head is deep inside the petals of the flower

Our Bees;

We run 29 beehives, which are located throughout Sydney.  We keep European Honey Bees; Italian variety.  In the peak of summer, this amounts to around 300,000 bees.  We offer some basic beekeeping and beehive relocation services.