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Starter Bee Hive - Italian Bees - Deposit

Starter Bee Hive - Italian Bees - Deposit

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Nuc Hives now avaliable!

Please read full description before ordering, $50 paid above is a deposit with the final balance paid on delivery.  Full cost is $250 to $300.

We have a limited number of five frame bee nucs available for purchase.  These bee nucs are made with splits from our Mili Bees hives and are headed by a locally raised new season queen - our hives were all requeened with professionally bred queens during January 2023 - so you should find that these bees are happy and productive.  The amount of bees in each nuc will vary, however each nuc will provide plenty of bees to start your own productive hive and with a bit of luck and good care, you should be harvesting your own honey by the end of the season.

Price for a single 5 frame nuc hive in coreflute nuc box is $250 - Pick up from Seven Hills.

If you live in Sydney within the "Supression" zone and would like delivery or installation, add $50.

If you would like installation, we can give you a demo of how to correctly perform an alcohol wash as per DPI guidelines. We can also give you a crash course in how to inspect your hive at this time if your a newbee. 

All hives will have an alcohol wash performed on them in the week prior to delivery to ensure they are Varroa free.

Payment of $50 is required as a deposit, with the remaining to be paid on delivery. Deposits are non-refundable.

Please email us at with any questions of queries.

Please note that you must be registered as a beekeeper on delivery of hive and I will not be able to supply these without your registration number. 



Q:  Will these nucs fit into a flow hive?

A: Our nucs are supplied with full depth frames, these will fit the brood box (bottom box) of a flow hive just fine.


Q: I want to buy two nucs and put them in one bigger hive, will this work?

A: Bees from different nucs will fight if joined suddenly.  You will only be able to place one nuc per hive.


Q: What size bee hive do I need for theses nucs?

A: Any "full depth" Langstroth bee box will fit these.  Eight or ten frame. 

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