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Fresh Honeycomb

Fresh Honeycomb

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All natural honeycomb.  Our honeycomb is created in special bee supers (bee boxes specially made for honeycomb), is all natural and packaged with minimal handling.  The bees build out the comb with wax, building little hexagonal storage spaces, fill them with honey and when it is perfectly ready, they cover each individual cell with wax to preserve the honey.

We have rectangle (200g), round (300g) and square (400g) honeycomb.  The rectangle and square honeycomb are cut from a larger two-kilogram piece and packaged away. 

The rounds are a special product, with only minimal handling involved.  We remove them from the hive and put them into their containers - no cutting or exposure of the honey is involved, so it goes straight from the bees' hands to yours.

This honeycomb goes great on a cheese platter but can be used in any situation you would use liquid honey such as on muesli, on cereals, toast, crumpets, pancakes, in desserts, marinades and salads. The options are limitless.

Please note that as honeycomb is a natural product, we do not control the weight.  We will attempt to provide as close as possible to the specified weight though please keep in mind that the weights specified are approximates.

Due to quarantine rules we are unable to ship honey products to Western Australia, Tasmania or New Zealand.

Storage Instructions

As this honey is natural and not filtered to within an inch of its life it will still retain some particles in it such as pollens and small sugar
crystals.  Please note that due to these particles, the honey is prone to crystallisation - that is that the honey will go cloudy and solidify slightly over time. Crystallisation is a natural occurrence in all pure
honey, it is a reflection of what the bees have been making the honey from, we would expect our honey to crystallise in approximately two to six months.  Crystallised honey is fine to eat and will not impact the quality or flavour however some do not appreciate the consistency.
Crystallised honey can be liquefied again if you wish by heating the honey to about 40-50 degrees in a warm oven over about 2 to 3 hours.  
We do not recommend de-crystallising honey multiple times as exposure to heat can adversely affect the quality and flavour of the honey.

Raw honey does not spoil and provided it is stored correctly you can be sure that it'll retain superior flavour for years to come - provided you can resist eating it first.  We recommend that honey is stored at room temperature in a dark, dry place.  The back of a pantry is ideal.  Cooler locations can encourage crystallisation, which is not ideal but can also be reversed if preferred.

Creamed honey is best stored at room temperature. Honey is a natural product and spreadability may vary. To soften warm in hot water gently or to firm place in the refigerator.

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Mili Bees honey and honeycomb is unique in the fact that it comes exclusively from suburban hosted hives. Our bees are a wealth of knowledge and provide us with incredible renewable resources and delicious products. Learn more about the Mili Bees hives through our blog.

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